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Types of Roof Coatings For Commercial Buildings And Their Benefits

In order to keep commercial buildings in good condition, they need to be properly maintained. Ensuring that your commercial roof is properly maintained is very important. A roof is exposed to a variety of harsh elements, including wind, rain, and sunlight, which can deteriorate materials leading to further damage. However, utilizing the proper type of roof coating can help safeguard your roofing system, increase its lifespan, and prevent issues like leaks, mold growth, and other unwanted issues.

There are a variety of commercial building roof coatings and we will explore each type as well as their advantages.



Water-based acrylic coatings are applied as a liquid and dry to create a smooth, long-lasting membrane. Given that acrylic coating is fairly simple to apply, is weather resistant, and can reflect sunlight, it’s the most popular type of roof coating for many commercial buildings.

Additionally, acrylic coatings come in a variety of colors which can enhance a building’s appearance.



Silicone coating is a continuous membrane that is extremely resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays and extreme temperatures. Additionally, this type of coating can shield the roofing system from problems such as rust and corrosion as well as ponding water. With the right care and maintenance, silicone coatings can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance. They are also a great option for roofs that undergo regular temperature fluctuations because of their high elasticity and ability to sustain expansion and contraction without cracking.



Solvent-based polyurethane coatings offer good adherence to a variety of roofing materials. Additionally, they are resistant to impact, abrasion, and chemical exposure making them perfect for roofs with heavy foot traffic or chemical exposure. This type of coating can handle extreme heat and strong UV radiation as it offers excellent weathering qualities. Polyurethane coating can enhance a building’s appearance and also come in a variety of colors. However, due to their solvent-based makeup, polyurethane coatings take more skill to apply than other coatings, and sufficient ventilation is required during application.



Bitumen is the source material for asphalt coatings, which are applied to roofing systems as liquids. Asphalt coatings offer great waterproofing and have a high level of resistance to weathering as well as UV radiation. Given that asphalt coatings also come in a variety of colors, it can truly enhance the appearance of a roof. Asphalt coatings need routine care to avoid cracking and other types of damage, however they are not as reflective as other coatings.



Rust, corrosion, and other types of damage are all preventable with the help of metal coatings, which are specifically made for metal roofing systems. They reflect the sun and absorb less heat and can also help in lowering energy expenses. Metal coatings are also offered in a variety of colors as well. However, metal coating does require routine maintenance to avoid rust and other types of damage, particularly in humid climates or places close to the shore.



The integrity of commercial roofing systems must be maintained in part by roof coatings. Many roof coatings are available in the market to accommodate various roofing materials and climatic factors.

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