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The Know-How and Techniques to Repair or Replace Your Roof Anywhere in Central Florida

There are not many things more important than having a roof over your head – especially here in Orlando and across Central Florida. In Summer, a house can overheat and tax your air conditioning if the proper roofing materials are not used. An improperly installed roof can become a dangerous liability during a Florida hurricane. As any Orlando roofer would know, a roof with cheap materials and inferior installation will not last more than a few years. When it comes to finding an Orlando roofer, it’s important to hire a contractor that knows roofing and knows Orlando.

We recently sat down with Joe Adams, President of Orlando’s Industrial Commercial Roofing, to talk about roof replacement in Orlando and across Central Florida. Industrial Commercial Roofing is one of the top Orlando roofer contracting companies.

Question: Can you tell me a little about your experience in roofing and Industrial Commercial Roofing?

Joe: Industrial Commercial Roofing is an award-winning Orlando roofing company. We’ve won multiple Carlisle Perfect 10 awards, meaning in each job inspected we achieved a perfect 10 score stating our work is without flaw and meets all requirements. Also, we have received the Master Commercial Roofer award with GAF manufacture. This award is given to contractors in Master status, proving our work is at master quality in comparison to other contractors in the same field of work.

We have ongoing training and education to keep up with all new products through CarlisleGAFCertainTeedOwens Corning and many more which include commercial and residential products for every roofing system. We ensure a safe work environment implementing a safety-first training for all employees.

With this being said we are not just saying we have an impressive performance in our work but have the proof to back it. We stand behind our work and even though we may not always be the lowest cost in the field we are competitive as any business. At Industrial Commercial Roofing, you definitely get what you pay for (a job done right the first time) which in time is a savings.

I grew up in a family with generations of roofers. Starting off working at the bottom, on the ground, just picking up debris moving on to labor then sales and so on. I can honestly say I know the ins and outs of every part of the business working every angle. From there I started my own business almost 20 years ago and through those 20 years I have worked with countless homeowners, mom and pop small businesses, and even fortune 500 companies installing countless full roof systems, repairs, and coating systems.

The work ethic behind my business stands on the Christian foundation. As a Christian, I believe in going the distance to make my clients satisfied, and I am committed to my work and my word — what we say we will do, we do.

Q: What are some of the special considerations a homeowner or business owner must make when deciding on roofing materials in Orlando?

Joe: First, and most important, is choosing quality products. As I have mentioned, all my suppliers are top notch in their products and warranties. Next is making sure the product is the right fit for your type of roof. In doing so will ensure that this will give your roof the longest life possible. Another consideration is what is visually pleasing if it’s a home you’re going to want to like what you see for 20+ years.

Q: How long does the average asphalt roof last in the Florida sun?

Joe: Asphalt shingles usually last around 20 years. There are other products that last many years as well, so shingles are not the only choice when choosing a roof system that will last. Modified bitumen which is in the family of asphalt roofing products usually last around 7-10 years. I will always give the options to each client so they can be fully aware of what’s out there against the sun heat that will best fit for their type of roof.

Q: What materials do you suggest for an Orlando roof replacement?

Joe: If you’re looking for your home, we most commonly use GAF. I prefer the Architectural Shingle verse 3 tab or cedar shake because of durability. For a home, there are other options such as tile and metal, so giving a true suggestion is a key factor is what is even applicable to their home. For example, you should not put any type of shingles on a flat metal roof. So, I would have to base it on a few factors such as client’s budget, expectations, and what the client would prefer visually. As I go out in assessing each client’s roof I always give my best suggestion to help the client make that decision.

With Commercial buildings, I suggest overall TPO systems for flat roofs because of the fact it has many benefits to the business owner it is formed to outlast Florida’s temperatures and rains. I believe it is the best product on the market and see it outlast other systems over the years. Also, the business owner receives an Energy Star system, which is friendlier on the environment and the wallet in saving on energy bills.

Q: Can a new roof really make that much of a difference when it comes to cooling your home or business?

Joe: Yes, a new roof on your home, warehouse, metal building, manufacturing business, or any type of building or office can make a major difference. All roofs matter in cooling any space. A worn-out roof can cause your temperatures to rise inside causing the constant action of keeping the a/c blowing. Another thing to keep in mind, even with a new roof, you need to make sure of proper ventilation and soffits. For instance, in a home situation, have you ever went up into the attic and immediately felt sweat pouring and faintness? This is an indication of improper roof ventilation and should be considered for savings and efficiency.

In a commercial aspect, the difference in a new roof and the type of roof can make a significant impact as well. A commercial TPO system is mostly white roofs called cool roofs. By having this white roof versus darker, you are lowering roof temperatures by 30 to 50 degrees. A darker roof can hit temperatures around 130-150 degrees, and a white cooling can be on average around 95-98 degrees. So looking at replacing your roof to a new TPO roof system can be an enormous difference in cost as electric bills for commercial range a lot higher than your home, so you are talking savings of thousands.

Q: As an Orlando roofer, how do you decide whether a home roof can be repaired or must be replaced?

Joe: The deciding factors must be inspected by our experienced team of estimators to do a full inspection of the roof. Some of the indicators checked include clients concerns such as leaks, overall roof life and how much lifespan is left, checking the membrane to see if there is any weathering, and also checking the flashings. We also check to see if the roof was installed correctly to manufacture specs and Florida’s building codes. Once all this is documented and discussed based on all the checklist, we move forward in telling a client what repairs are needed, cost and advice on ways to extend the life of their current roof or what is the process and cost for a new roof backed by our contractor and manufactures warranty for either. We will never tell a client a new roof is needed if it is not.

Q: How does someone looking for an Orlando roofer contact you?

Joe: We have a website with extensive information on roofing, so if you’re looking for an Orlando roofer, or or a roofer anywhere in Florida, I would suggest checking that out first and then either request a quote through the website or just give us a call at 407-456-7072. Our website is https://www.icroofs.com.


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