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Preventing Roofing Problems in Commercial Buildings in Orlando

Maintaining the integrity of a commercial roofing system as a commercial building owner or property manager in Florida is important in ensuring the safety of your building and its occupants. Especially in a state like Florida where major hail storms, tornadoes and strong thunderstorms can wreak havoc. In many instances, commercial building owners may not easily detect an issue until damage has become more extensive. Continual exposure to the sun, rain, and wind, can produce wear and tear on roofing materials, resulting in a variety of issues that may arise over time.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most prevalent roofing issues in commercial buildings and go over how to avoid them.


The most common roofing issue in commercial buildings is leaks. Leaks can occur when water gets through the roofing materials and enters the building’s interior. Leaks can cause extensive damage to your building which can lead to costly repairs.
Regular inspections of your roofing system are required in order to prevent leaks. During the inspection, roofing contractors will look for evidence of deterioration, damage, cracks and worn out material. To prevent water from leaking through the roof of a building, you will want to ensure that any holes or seams are well sealed.

Ponding Water happens when water pools on the roof as a result of poor drainage. This issue is particularly prevalent with flat roofing systems. Ponding water can harm your roofing materials, causing leaks and corrosion. You will want to make sure your roofing system has appropriate drainage to avoid ponding water. Ensure that any water on the roof is removed within 48 hours.


Blow-offs happen when strong winds cause roofing components to separate from the roof. This issue can cause considerable damage and can potentially endanger the safety of building occupants. Make sure your roofing system is properly installed to avoid blow-offs. Make use of high-quality, wind-resistant materials. Regularly inspect your roofing system for any loose or broken elements that could cause blow-offs.


When things, such as tree branches, hail storms, and debris fail on the roof at high impact, it can cause damage to the roofing materials by penetrating the roof. This issue can result in leaks as well as property damage.
To help avoid punctures of what can be maintained, keep surrounding trees trimmed on a regular basis to prevent branches from falling on the roof. To prevent damage from falling objects, consider putting a protective layer over the roofing system and maintain a clean roof. As acts of nature can not be avoided it is important to have a roof inspection regularly to prevent further damage.


Shrinkage happens when roofing materials, such as single-ply membranes, contract and shrink as a result of sun and heat exposure. This issue can produce cracks and tears in the roofing material, which can lead to leaks and other types of issues over time.
To avoid shrinking, you will want to make sure your roofing materials are properly placed and climate-appropriate. Material that is resistant to heat and sun exposure should be used in states such Florida. To prevent heat absorption, consider applying a reflecting coating to the roofing system.

Finally, preventing typical roofing problems in commercial buildings requires regular roof inspections and maintenance by trained commercial roof professionals. Regular inspections can help in identifying any signs of damage or degradation which can allow you to address a minor issue before it turns into a much more costly problem.

Using high-quality, climate-appropriate materials can also assist prevent roofing problems. Check for good drainage on your roof to avoid ponding water, and consider putting a protective layer to prevent damages from falling objects.

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