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Is A Flat Roof Actually Flat?

Flat roofs are low-slope roofs that typically appear with commercial buildings but are used on residential as well. Unlike sloped roofs, flat roofs are nearly level. But are flat roofs actually flat? Learn all about flat roofs and how they got their name.

The Facts

The main reason a flat roof will leak is because of improper installation and not having a proper slope for water drainage. Without proper drainage, water can pool and cause weakening of the roof and decking structure. A weak roof becomes compromised causing water to leak in and possibly collapse. In other words, an improper flat roof does not allow elements like water to slide off them as easily as steeply sloped roofs do. A tapered insulation system or a tapered decking with a minimum of a ¼” slope per feet is required for all flat roofing systems for proper drainage and Florida building code. A job done right in the beginning avoids extra unnecessary expenses later.

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Faulty Installation

In the state of Florida, the requirements to get a license is not a walk in the park. It takes hours of classes and studying for a six-hour exam, plus a background check, credit check, pricing fees, and more. The review of test scores of FL DBPR Construction April 2015 shows only 58 percent of contractors will pass their first time taking the exam, and more than 66 percent failed on their second attempt. Additionally, Florida contractors must take continued education classes every two years before renewal of their license. Your roofer should know all codes and proper rules of installment. Consequently, if they do not adhere to the codes, this can result in costly expenses during the resale of your home or business.

Benefits of a Flat Roof

The benefits of a flat roof include helping on your cooling costs, saving money on repair, and easy maintenance. But a bonus is being able to install solar panels on the roof. Not only are you helping the environment but solar installation has saved thousands of dollars on energy bills. Additionally, flat roofs allow for easier installment of a satellite, A/C units, and even a rooftop patio.

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Versatile Interior

Flat roofs actually provide the ability to have a more versatile interior space as well. Finished attics and the use of a top-floor apartment become more readily available without the sloped walls that a traditional pitched roof would produce. This makes a nice option for homes where the maximum amount of interior space is needed.

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