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Industrial Commercial Roofing Enters Central Florida Market

Industrial Commercial Roofing Enters Central Florida Market in Response to Needed Hurricane Irma Repairs

Joe Adams, founder and president of Industrial Commercial Roofing, announced today that the award-winning roofing company has entered the Orlando metropolitan market with a strategic plan to become the region’s top residential, commercial and industrial roofing contractor. The move was prompted by the demand for Hurricane Irma repairs throughout the region.

Joe said Industrial Commercial Roofing saw a need for a roof contractor that focused, not only on homes, but also commercial real estate and industrial buildings. “Hurricane Irma didn’t just damage home roofs, but it also did major damage to commercial buildings across Central Florida,” said Joe. “We specialize in commercial repair, maintenance, and new roof installations; and we are one of the leading experts in TPO with single ply systems roofs. If you look around Orlando, you’ll see white roofs everywhere. Those are TPO roofs and many were damaged in the hurricane. Repair of TPO roofs can be tricky and we are TPO roofing experts.”

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Established Roofing Company Finds a Region Covered with Blue Tarps and Gets to Work Repairing Residential and Business Roofs

Joe said Industrial Commercial Roofing has roofed northern Florida for years but saw an opportunity to enter the Orlando market after moving to Orlando and witnessing the destruction caused by the storm and the dire need for Hurricane Irma repairs. “There just weren’t enough quality-driven, experienced roofers in Orlando to get all the jobs done. We decided to bring our company to Central Florida to fill a need for a trusted roofing company that knows how to get the job done.”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Orlando is one of five cities in Florida ranked in the top 20 as the “fastest growing” in the United States. “We’re here for Orlando and we’re not going to stop until every blue tarp is gone,” said Joe. “That’s our mission and our promise. As you can see — even 5 months later — the need is still here and should be addressed before the spring rains to prevent further damage to Orlando homes and businesses. Many are still waiting on insurance claims or have been denied. Industrial Commercial Roofing Inc. can help in this pressed time.”

Joe said he has been bombarded with calls for roof repairs and replacements across the region. “There were so many calls coming in from surrounding areas including Tampa, Clearwater, Melbourne, Palm Bay — you name it literally — East, West, North, and South Florida were calling for a need that their local companies could not perform. Our services dominate the areas with the type of roofing systems and materials we offer, so in short, it was a call we could not refuse.”

Hurricane Irma Repairs Done Right

Industrial Commercial Roofing started business in Atlanta, before opening in St. Augustine. The company recently opened an office on Old Winter Garden Road in Orlando. Joe said the company is here to offer Orlando home and business owners a reliable roofing company. “At ICRoofs, we focus on every step of the job from structure, soffits, gutters, installation and every aspect of the membrane to insure quality workmanship.”

“We are a small company but one large enough to take on any project, whether it be a homeowner for their house, a small business owner with a small roof, or a manufacturer with a 1,000,000 sq. ft. facility. We do any sized roof, anywhere in Orlando.”

As part of the launch into Central Florida, Industrial Commercial Roofing launched a new website, www.icroofs.com, created by Orlando web designer, James Emerson. The website offers a wealth of information on the comprehensive residential, commercial and industrial roofing services offered. Customers can easily contact and schedule free roof estimates through the website. Industrial Commercial Roofing maintains an active social media presence on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

About Industrial Commercial Roofing

Industrial Commercial Roofing is an award-winning Master Commercial Roofing Contractor that specializes in residential, commercial and industrial roof repair, maintenance and replacements throughout the Southeast. Opened in 1972, Industrial Commercial Roofing is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, with on-going work in Tampa, St. Augustine and Jacksonville, Florida; as well as Atlanta, Georgia. If your home or business is in need of Hurricane Irma repairs, or any of roofing solution, please call or visit us at Industrial Commercial Roofing online at www.icroofs.com.


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