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Flat roof coatings put an end to the cycle of problems associated with flat roofs. We know there are some challenges related to flat roofs, namely severe leaking, pooling and rapid deterioration. However, this roofing type is straightforward to install and very useful for many commercial and industrial businesses.

Engineers developed a system that would nearly make it impossible for flat roofs to leak. Roof coatings were developed which essentially eliminates many of the issues that previously plagued flat roofs. At Industrial Commercial Roofing, we offer silicone, elastomerics, aluminum, fibered and urethane coating and would be more than happy to provide you with an estimate for your next flat roof project!


Serving the following major cities in Florida including Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Miami and Tampa. 

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Roof coating will make your AC system more efficient by blocking out more heat than your typical EPDM dark roofing. EPDM only blocks out about six percent of the sun’s heat, leaving the inside of the building hot and uncomfortable.

Our light-colored flat roof coatings go on over the top of your existing flat roof. It will cover the dark material and reflect 80% or more of the sun’s energy away from the surface. This means the retail buildings, offices and industrial space can stay cooler and require far less air conditioning to maintain a comfortable temperature. Roof coating acts as insulation to further prevent summer heat from passing through year after year.

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The Industrial Commercial Roofing team is educated in many aspects of roofing efficiency, including shingles, tar, gravel, elastomeric, acrylic, polyurethane, silicone, urethane, asphalt, and fiberglass, and will show you how we have saved our previous clients thousands of dollars on their utility bills and AC systems.

You’ll be pleased to know that with roof coatings, such as elastomeric, acrylic, and silicone sealants, you keep your existing roof, and there is no re-roofing or tear-off needed. This metal or asphalt restoration approach saves you a tremendous amount of money!

Our team of commercial and residential roofers will be able to apply the coating by first prepping your roof and then fully spraying the waterproofing and weatherproofing protection onto your roof.

The vast majority of roofs with previous problems can be saved in our experience. This is why roof coating in Florida and other sealants are so much more affordable than roof replacement. Not to mention, it also beats not needing to pay for constant leak repairs.

Contact our company today to learn more about what we can do for your business or residential property, and how our restoration and waterproofing services can provide long-lasting protection.

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