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Tar & Gravel Roof Repair

Commercial Tar and Gravel Roof Repair in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, St. Augustine and ALL of Florida

A LOT of roofers make “Tar & Gravel” roofs worse!

Industrial Commercial Roofing has a great team the specialize in repairing and installing tar and gravel roofs. Most roofers have no clue how to fix tar and gravel roofs so many propose removing the roof and installing a new one which is very expensive. Other roofers attempt to pour more asphalt hoping that will stop a leak, usually makes a mess of your roof and have poor results.

“Tar & Gravel” roofs are worth saving…in most cases.

Although “tar and gravel” roofs are durable they are prone to leaks and problems. Usually, leaks occur around flashings, HVAC units, vents and other penetrations.

Asphalt built up roofing system is a roof constructed with ply felts made with asphalt-impregnated fiberglass and mopping asphalt. The surface is a flood coat made up of asphalt and aggregate (gravel, crushed stone, slag, or marble chips). These roofs consist of several plies of felt installed in shingle fashion. The laminated layers get a top finish of gravel, some of the gravel becomes embedded in the hot asphalt, and some of which lay loose on the surface of the roof. The purpose of the gravel is to shield the asphalt from the damaging effect of sun exposure. These are good roofs but can be tough to repair. Asphalt is not a true waterproofer and depends on the positive slope to maintain its integrity.



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