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Roof Coatings

Rubber Flat Roof Coating Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville

Flat roof coatings put an end to the cycle of problems associated with flat roofs. We know there are some challenges related to flat roofs, namely severe leaking, pooling and rapid deterioration. Still, they are straightforward and useful, and many commercial and industrial business use them all the time. So engineers put their heads together to develop a system that would nearly make it impossible for flat roofs to leak. Rubber coating eliminates the battle that can make it a pain to have a flat roof. Industrial Commercial Roof offers rubber flat roof coating and would be happy to estimate your next flat roof project!


Rubber coating roofing will make your AC system more efficient by blocking out more heat than your typical EPDM dark roofing. EPDM only blocks out about six percent of the sun’s heat, leaving the inside of the building hot and uncomfortable.

Our light-colored flat roof coatings go on over top of your existing roof. It will cover the dark material and reflect 80% or more of the sun’s energy away from the surface. This means the retail, office or industrial space below stays cooler and requires far less air conditioning. And the coating acts as insulation to further prevent summer heat from passing through year after year.

Flat Rubber Roof Coating

Industrial Commercial Roofing team is educated in roofing efficiency and will show how we have saved our customer thousands of dollars on their utilities and AC system. You’ll be pleased to know that with flat roof coatings, you keep your existing roof, and there is no re-roofing or tear off needed. Not having to reroof will also save you a tremendous about of money in labor fees and dumping fees.

Our team of commercial roofers will be able to apply the coating in a non-disruptive manner, first prepping your roof, then spraying the coating. They are quiet and often go unseen, so will not disturb your business.

The vast majority of problem roofs can be saved in our experience, which is why the coating option is so much more affordable than roof replacement. It certainly beats paying for constant leak repair! Call us today for a free estimate.



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