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Commercial Roof Installation – What to Expect

What To Expect During A Commercial Roof Installation

You finally have decided to replace the leaky roof you’ve been repairing for the last several months by investing in a new flat or rubber roof. You would be surprised just how many other business owners are in your shoes—especially during and after hurricane season. TPO roofing, a single membrane roofing system is especially popular here in Florida for its cost effectiveness and solid energy efficiency. Here is what you can expect during a commercial roof installation.

A commercial roof installation can be stressful for any business owner. Before any work actually begins, and after you have settled on your roof design with your Industrial Commercial Roofing project manager, our team will coordinate a “pre-install” meeting with everyone on your team who is responsible for your roof.

What To Expect at an ICROOFS Commercial Roof Pre-Install Meeting

At Industrial Commercial Roofing, we prefer to hold our pre-install consultations on your roof. We have learned that physically standing on a roof with the business owner and/or the people who are responsible for its care is the most efficient way to learn about your commercial roof installation, maintenance and care.

Before your commercial roof installation we can learn the following:

  • If the existing roof has been well-maintained
  • If extreme weather, heat, cold, wind or precipitation, has caused damage to your existing roof
  • How water drains and/or pools
  • If birds or wildlife are nesting
  • If debris is present or piled up
  • If any rooftop units (HVACs, etc.) can be eliminated
  • Where the best placement for dumpsters, cranes, or any other equipment

The Next Steps in A Commercial Roof Repair or Installation

Once we complete the pre-install meeting for your commercial roof installation, we will determine how your business operates in order to mitigate the effects of a major commercial roof installation on your daily operations. There are three major factors to consider before beginning a commercial roof installation:

  1. Shut downs are extremely costly. Industrial Commercial Roofing will strive to ensure that our work is coordinated in the best way to avoid shutting down production for your business, when possible.
  2. Industrial Commercial Roofing often removes existing roof systems at night or on the weekends to lessen the disruption, noise and dust that comes with a commercial roof installation.
  3. Industrial Commercial Roofing are experts in minimizing noise and the visual disruption around retail storefronts so customers clearly understand that they are welcome to walk in safely.

At Industrial Commercial Roofing, our commercial roof installation plans are driven by each of our client’s needs, no matter how big or small the job is. Before we begin any commercial roof installation, we strive to understand how each unique business operates, in order to determine how it operation will affect our installation plan. Rest assured that when Industrial Commercial Roofing starts a commercial roof installation, we stay until your roof is in place, and all clean-up is complete.

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