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Choosing A Commercial or Residential Roofing Contractor

Replacing a roof requires an expert with solid knowledge and experience. We don’t want you to end up in a worse situation. To help you in your search for someone to replace your roof, here are tips for choosing a commercial or residential roofing contractor.

Licensed and Registered

Make sure the contractor is fully licensed and insured before they do any work. That doesn’t mean just showing any license number; it needs to be clear by the state of Florida that the contractor is permitted to provide all roofing services. Ensure the company can be found on Sunbiz.


In the state of Florida, the requirements to get a license is not a walk in the park. It takes hours of classes and studying for a six-hour exam, plus a background check, credit check, pricing fees, and more. The review of test scores of FL DBPR Construction April 2015 shows only 58 percent of contractors will pass their first time taking the exam, and more than 66 percent failed on their second attempt. Additionally, Florida contractors must take continued education classes every two years before renewal of their license. Your roofer should know all codes and proper rules of installment. Consequently, if they do not adhere to the codes, this can result in costly expenses during the resale of your home or business.

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Subbing Out

Make sure the company you are hiring has its own in-house crew or work backed by other reliable companies. Every company at one point or another may understandably need to sub out work, but make sure the residential or even commercial roofing company is the one standing behind their work. Some licensed contractors will get the job and sub out to just anyone, so make sure to get as many reviews or references of past clients as possible.


Never sign a contract without fully understanding the scope of work, start to finish date, and complete price. Within first impressions of meeting your contractor, you should know if they are the right one for you. When speaking to the contractor, look for a professional presence. For example, they should be willing to take the time to cover all your questions, explain your different options, have an understanding and knowledge of the work from start to finish, and overall concern to make the client happy and have a clean put-together approach.  


Look for a roofing company that can stand by a warranty of the work performed and material warranty backed by the supplier. Material manufacturers that stand behind a roofing contractor help give you an extra feeling of security. By having a reliable company and an efficient warranty, you’ll have two reputable companies to back up the work.


Cheaper is not always better. Just because a company may bid less on a job doesn’t mean it’s the best one. Because of poor workmanship, you may spend triple what was necessary due to the roof being improperly installed or repaired. Alternatively, the higher bids may not always be the best option, either, if you do not understand what you are truly paying for. At Industrial Commercial Roofing, we believe in using the best product and materials and not cutting corners. Whether applying shingle, metal, TPO, coating, or any single-ply roofing systems, we make sure the quality is there. We also make sure to be competitive without compromising on the quality.


Before choosing a roofing contractor to install your roof, have an idea of what type of roof you want. There are many roofing systems out there with a variety of color options. If you want different color shingles, make sure they comply with your HOA. If you are wanting to change your existing roof to metal, do research to know your options. With any roofing system or materials, know the life expectancy, plus the pros and cons of your choices. This helps you and your contractor be on the same page for what is expected. Just a little research can go a long way.  

If you are putting in a new roof at your home or business in Florida, the experts at Industrial Commercial Roofing has a simple, smooth, and stress-free process. Striving to have professional and quality workmanship is what we aim for. Our roofing contractors are always ready to help and complete any of your roofing needs. Call for a free inspection and consultation today 407-456-7072.


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