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About Industrial Commercial roofing

Commercial Roofing Professional

Industrial Commercial Roofing has been roofing the southeast since 1972. With excellence in roof installations, we have achieved the Master Commercial Roofing Contractor Status. With our professionally trained installers, we offer multiple options for your roof, whether it be new roof installation or roofing restorations. Our team will discuss the options best suitable for your individuals needs and budget.


Metal Fabrication Division

As we all know not, all roofs are alike. Every roof requires specific needs for all of your metal detail. At our metal shop, we custom fabricate all of your roofing metal and flashing needs for proper installation of your roofing system. This allows our company to provide swift roofing services.

  • Industrial Commercial Roofing will come to your home or business, at no charge, and do a thorough inspection of your roof. You’ll get an honest opinion of the condition of your roof.


  • If you don’t need a new roof, don’t worry- we’ll let you know that. Now, at that point if you would still like to have a free estimate we’d be more than glad to provide one to you.


  • The next step is a thorough inspection of the attic. You might ask- why the attic? Well, the success of your new roof starts with proper attic ventilation, and not only will proper attic ventilation make your home more comfortable, it pays for itself by lowering your utility bills. That’s money you can put in your pocket month after month – year after year.


  • Roofing samples and colors? There’s plenty of options available on the market, and we’ll bring them – you just select what you like, and we’ll give you provide you with pricing. And, there’s no mystery to our prices – It’s what we call open book pricing, so we can share costs with you right on the spot.


Please contact us today for a free roofing estimate for your home or business.